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Key highlights

This is an opportunity for you to see our programmes in action and understand the context and background of our latest work. 

Engagement with out of school girls

In November 2023, we engaged with 192 out of school girls who had been rescued from child marriages. The workshop aimed to engage the girls so we could hear about their experiences and understand what led them to get married.


We further wanted to highlight the importance of education and encourage them to work towards advancing their lives; exploring how the organisation could best support them.   

GBV Sessions in schools

As an organisation we deliver various mentoring sessions in schools. This video shows the workshop we delivered in Gunda secondary school in 2023 around gender-based violence (GBV). This session was delivered to both girls and boys within the school to shed light to the girls on what GBV is, how to seek support if they are victims of abuse and GBV, but also to educate boys around how they can become allies and advocate against abusive practices. 

Business training

Between July - August 2023, we delivered entrepreneurship training to 30 girls and women in Thyolo, Malawi. This video share a summary of the training sessions. 

Gunda primary school open day 

In July 2023, we co-delivered an open day with Gunda primary school, Thyolo Malawi. This event was aimed at highlighting the importance of education and the opportunities available for children when they are educated; in hopes of motivating those not in school to come back to school. 

Furthermore, it was an opportunity to highlight the support and protection available to young people within the community, and how they can access this support if needed. 

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