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Our Programmes

SheRose believes in the power of education. 1 in 2 girls in Malawi are forced into child marriages before their 18th birthday, to men much older than them. They are forced to leave school and take care of their families. This perpetuates education barriers and gender inequality. Above all else, it continues the cycle of poverty.

Our primary aim is to eradicate child marriages by:

Financially supporting girls through their education.

Holistic approach to addressing child marriages.

Employing a whole community approach.

Creating opportunities for girls and women to advance. 

Sponsorship programme

Sponsorship programme

Our sponsorship programme involves providing financial assistance to girls who have been selected into further education, but their families are unable to meet the financial costs. 

SheRose executes the sponsorship programme, which aims at giving the sponsored students a comprehensive school bursary, as one way of promoting girls' education. This all-inclusive sponsorship differs from other bursaries offered elsewhere since it covers exam and tuition fees, as well as the learners' monthly package that includes food and toiletries and their quarterly package that includes school shoes, a backpack, a torch and mathematical tools.

Donate and help towards our sponsorship programme. 


Entrepreneurship programme

The main objective of the whole Entrepreneurship and Business Management training is to build skills and capacity in girls and women from rural communities, so that they create and grow their enterprises that can allow them to become financially independent.

Our aim is to develop girls and women's entrepreneurship skills as a means of creating financial stabilities and alleviating poverty, we are delivering business training to girls and women most vulnerable and susceptible to abusive environment, and supporting them to establish businesses, and become financially independent. 

The business trainings are contributing to the economic empowerment of women through their ability to establish sustainable businesses. 

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Community workshops
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Community workshops

Our workshops with girls - aim to help nurture and empower girls, and equip them with knowledge and advice that will enable them to advance towards a better future. The workshop deals with topics concerning Human Rights, Gender equality, [Sexual] health awareness and sexual violence against women. We aim to provide help and support for anyone dealing with a sexual assault experience. Our workshops will also provide career advice/assistance.

Community workshops – we believe in a whole community approach to combatting child marriages and other harmful practices. Therefore, we deliver workshops to raise awareness, change mindsets and galvanise various community stakeholders to be agents of change in the community. We want all community members to be allies, so we deliver workshops to various stakeholders, including village elders, parents, girls, and boys.  


Mentorship programme

We are currently running a mentorship programme to further support the girls we are supporting in our programmes as well as girls in the community we work in. Our programme aims to offers support and encouragement to the girls  and aims to help them to deal with and navigate everyday life challenges.


The aim of this programme is to not only provide the young girls with role models they can look up to, but also for them to have people they can regularly talk to and open up to about their everyday struggles, their aspirations in life, as well as accessing support around how they can realise their dreams. We aim to surround the girls we support with various individuals who can support their overall wellbeing and assist their ambitions to advance their life. As a way of motivating learners to work hard in their education to fulfil their goals, we are providing opportunities for girls to get support in terms of life skills, mental health./ wellbeing and social support. This also provides a safe space for reporting of any potential abuse the girls might be facing and work on getting them the required help. 

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