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Who we are

SheRose is a non-profit organisation, that aims to support young girls from underprivileged backgrounds in Malawi through education and helping to improve all areas of their lives as a way of tackling the issues of child marriages and social injustice against women.

As well as educating, empowering and supporting women, we also want to provide a platform where women's achievements can be celebrated and social limitation against women can be challenged.



Our mission is to advance the rights of girls. We use education as a vessel for empowering and supporting girls/women against harmful practices. We create opportunities where girls/women can be inspired and supported to achieve better outcomes for themselves.


To see communities where girls and women are not subjected to child marriages or gender-based discrimination; but are valued, empowered and afforded equal rights in all areas of their lives. 

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Our values

  • Community - We aim to deliver a community-based approach that involves all members of the local community driving change.

  • Responsive - We remain driven and shaped by the communities that we’re here to serve, ensuring that we are informed by these communities around their pressing needs; and empowering them to direct us towards the best course of action.

  • Transparent - We aim to have clear communication with all stakeholders, ensuring we remain clear and consistent around the support we provide and the impact of our work to our donors. We are comfortable to be held to account, directed by our stakeholders’ feedback and we aim to take positive steps towards making necessary amendments.

  • Partnership - Recognising the potential of reaching maximum impact through collaborative working by seeking other organisations/individuals who work towards a similar vision, and harnessing relationships to maximise impact.

  • Unstoppable - We remain relentless in our goal to fight for the safeguarding and human rights of girls. We will stop at nothing until they receive the protection and recognition they deserve.

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