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Our Theory of Change







Taking a holistic approach in addressing the underlining causes of child marriages. Through a whole community approach, we address the inefficiencies of the whole community and support community stakeholders to embed sustainable and effective support.

Engagement with the girl child through sponsorship, education and mentoring.

Mobilisation and engagement of families and the community through community workshops and poverty alleviation support.

  • Access to education

  • Knowledgeable of rights

  • Financial support

  • Social and life skills support.

  • More girls are educated.

  • Girls have more knowledge around their rights.

  • Better future outcomes for girls.

  • Awareness of the dangers of CM.

  • Beginning to shift cultural mindsets.

  • Improved financial stability.

  • Girls are supported & protected by their families & community.

  • Changing cultural mindsets.

  • Reduction in poverty.

A reduction in child marriage of 5% in Thyolo (Malawi) by 2026.

High prevalence of child marriages. 1 in 2 girls is forced into a child marriage before their 18th birthday. This perpetuates educational barriers, sexual inequality, as well as the cycle of poverty.

Advocacy through campaigns and engagement with key community leaders/ stakeholders

  • More people in the community advocating against CM.

  • Community leaders start enforcing laws at local level.

  • Laws against CM implemented.

  • More community awareness of rights and dangers of CM.

  • Girls are protected.

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