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We have been supporting girls for several years now, resulting in the growth of our impact. To date we have supported 600 girls (9 – 18 years old) through our workshops and other streams.

We sponsor 16 girls through their entire secondary education, who are still currently being supported by the charity.

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We participated in the Global Giving programme to raise funds. We were able to raise £740, which is being used to run workshops.

We hosted a community fundraising afternoon tea event, where we were able to raise £610

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In the Month of October 2020 SheRose celebrated Black History Month with the I Fight For Her Campaign combined with the annual International Day of the Girl Child.

Affiliation/ partnership with Girls Not Brides, which is a global partnership of more than 1300 civil society organisations from over 100 countries committed to ending child marriage.

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SheRose conducted a virtual fitness fundraiser hosted by Kate Geddes (@kategedpt) .Through this session we have been able to raise £345 - which is an amazing contribution towards our continued support for girls in Malawi. 


As part of our community intervention, we are delivering our Conditional Cash Transfer programme, which includes working with women at a local level. Through the CCT programme, we are providing monthly financial assistance to women, as well as supporting their business development by enabling them to have access to business training.

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We took part in an OPEN DAY at Gunda School, which saw us engaging with both Students, teachers, parents and Police personnel.

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We partnered with Arts University Bournemouth's Students' Union to raise money for SheRose through delivering an open lecture to the students and the student union doing fundraising events.




Some of the girls we sponsor cropped

Virtual Fundraiser selling donated items from artists.

We were a recipient of the 'Bexley Deanery Developing World Projects funding' in which we were awarded £1,000. We were able to use to develop our workshops (making bras from homely sourced material workshop), as well as sponsor girls through further education.

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