What We Do

SheRose believes in the power of education. 1 in 2 girls in Malawi are forced into child marriages before their 18th birthday, to men much older than them. They are forced to leave school and take care of their families. This perpetuates education barriers and sexual inequality. Above all else, it continues the cycle of poverty. Our primary aim is to eradicate child marriages.

We aim to empower girls through education by providing assistance to those coming from poor backgrounds.

We aim to fight against poverty and other causes of child marriages.

We strive to emancipate girls from gender discrimination and gender restrictions; encouraging them to have dreams and ambitions (beyond marriage) and provide a platform where they can achieve and fulfill these dreams.

Our Values

  • Community  

  • Responsive 

  • Transparent 

  • Partnership  

  • Unstoppable 

Our Vision

To see communities where girls and women are not subjected to child marriages or gender-based discrimination; but are valued, empowered and afforded equal rights in all areas of their lives. 

Our Goals

  • Combat child marriages through advancing the education of girls. 

  • Remove inequality of opportunities.

  • Ensure we utilise a community based approach - and maximise on local partnerships. 

  • Expand reach of our impact. 


In advancing the education of underprivileged girls in Malawi, we are partnering with various primary school in rural areas, where we are involved in the following:


Our sponsorship programme involves providing financial assistance to girls who have been selected into further education, but their families are unable to meet the financial costs. 

Donate and help towards our sponsorship programme. 


The mentoring scheme offers support and encouragement to the girls on the programme. It is a means of helping them to deal with and navigate every day life challenges. 



Our workshops aim to help nurture and empower girls, and equip them with knowledge and advice that will enable them to advance towards a better future. The workshop deals with topics concerning Human Rights, Gender equality, [Sexual] health awareness and sexual violence against women. We aim to provide help and support for anyone dealing with a sexual assault experience. Our workshops will also provide career advice/assistance.


SheRose was founded in 2016 by Kheliwe Njolinjo.

"Growing up, I was always interested in human rights and social justice. In 2008 while visiting Malawi for the first time since leaving in 1998, I was exposed to the grave poverty as well as the injustice many individuals face on a daily basis; this impelled me to join the cause for eradicating poverty and assisting in creating better communities within my homeland.

But what could I do? 

Thus begun my long journey of discovering where and how I could best help. Fast forward 8 years, a law degree and some life experiences later had helped me to discover that my passion was in gender equality, education and children's rights. My research on Malawi exposed the prevalence of child marriages and violence against girls, a cause which compelled me to get involved, it was from this that SheRose was born! 

It is my passion and desire to help young girls realise their potential and dreams. I believe that all of us have something to offer to the world, and that our birth circumstances should not be the limitation that hinders the world from experiencing our unique contributions. With this programme, I want to assist those who were unfortunately born in disadvantaged conditions or within countries where the systems are structured in a way that often oppresses the potential of these women. If I can help even just one girl to elevate her life and have access to opportunities that she would not have otherwise had, I will be truly satisfied."

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”
- Mohammed Ali


Kheliwe Njolinjo 

 (Founder and CEO of SheRose) 


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(Under recruitment)

Louise Palmer


Chair of Trustees

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Maggie Kuchonde


Carine Bambara Shaw


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Andie Njolinjo

(Programme Coordinator)

Mrs Lucy Chipiko 

(Operations Manager)

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Stella Kajombo

(Branding and Communications Lead) 

Ellen Gamble 

(Bid Development Officer) 



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