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Workshop in Ngunda Primary School

On the 2nd of December 2016, SheRose held their first workshop in Mgunda Primary School, Thyolo. We had over 100 girls turn up to be encouraged and mentored. The day was filled with many activities; from singing and dancing, to learning some very useful life skills. We had the pleasure of being joined by Mrs Sitolo, who led the workshop. She spoke to the girls about her own personal journey and experiences; emphasising the importance of education. Drawing on her own experiences; she was able to engage the girls into a discussion about the hindrances they face towards accessing education as girls; and they collectively sought to discuss the solutions they could implement to ensure they continue with their education.

One of our volunteer, Tiya Muhiwa, offered an insight into the day and what she took away from it:

"I was able to be involved in SheRose' first workshop on 2nd December 2016, in Thyolo Ngunda Primary School. We met with about 100 girls and they were being encouraged on continuing their education beyond primary school. During the workshop, the girls gave us reasons why a lot of them drop out of school, some reasons being (1) unable to sustain themselves financially, (2) cultural beliefs and (3) peer pressure. During the workshop, they were taught valuable things and the importance of education. The girls were very appreciative and seemed to have taken a lot from the workshop."

When asked how the workshop experience had impacted her, she said;

"It gave me the picture that we can all come together and make a difference in a girl’s life because girls are going through a lot that needs to be addressed for them to be educated. If we all just took a part, either small or big, we could make a huge difference."

Getting involved and making a difference in young people's lives does not have to be such a grand gesture. Collectively, the little we each do can make such a massive difference.

We welcome those interested in donating, sponsoring a child through their entire education, volunteering, or simply wanting to know more about the work we are doing.

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